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Accessing Course Search & Enroll

Public access (available to anyone regardless of admission status)

This link is for browsing purposes only. If you haven’t been admitted, this is a great place to start. You will not be able to enroll in courses through this link.

Admitted student access

If you have been admitted this link will give you access to the Course Search and Enroll app. You will be able to save courses of interest using this link. You can also login to MyUW, then select the Course Search & Enroll widget.

The search tips here can be used in both the public and student class search versions.

Searching for courses

Before you begin your search, choose a term.

Screenshot of the Search for courses application with the term selection box outlined.

Using filters to search

There are many filters you can use to find courses. We have found that searching by subject and/or keywords works best for Senior Guest auditors. We will demonstrate how to use the filters: Subject and Keywords, as well as filtering your search by subject and keywords combined.

Seats filter
It is recommended that you select all three of the seat options for the Seats filter. Please note, just because a class indicates it is open does not mean you will be granted permission to enroll.

Search by subject filter

As an example, Ace Auditor is interested in astronomy courses. He starts with a search by the subject astronomy to find all courses offered for the term in that department. He has selected all the seat options (Open, Wait listed, Closed) as we recommend.

Course search and enroll app screenshot with the subject section highlighted

Search by subject and keywords filters together

Next, Ace enters the keywords black holes, as he is interested in this particular topic within astronomy. This narrows down the search to courses that have “black holes” in the title or description.

Screenshot of the course search and enroll app with both subject and keywords highlighted

Search by keywords filter

Annie Auditor heard about a food systems class but she doesn’t know the exact name or the department title. She can search for food system courses using the keyword search and leaving the subject filter blank. This brings up classes that include her keywords across many different departments.

Examples of other terms you can use for a keyword search:

  • Instructor name
  • Class title
  • Course descriptions

For hints on how best to use the keyword search, the registrar provides information on Searching with keywords.

Course search and enroll app screenshot with the keyword section highlighted.

Accessing more course information

Annie has found a course she would like to audit. She selects that course by clicking on it. There she can read the course description.

In order to see class sections, location, and instructor, Annie clicks the blue See sections button.

This course has only one section. By clicking the arrow to the left of LEC 001, Annie can see the days and times the class meets and which classroom it is in.

Screenshot of course search and enroll app with a course selected.
Course search enroll app with See sections button highlighted.
Screenshot with the section information highlighted in course search and enroll.

Ace looks at the sections for Astron 103. This course has two lecture (LEC) sections. From here, he can see the days and times the lectures meet, what room the lectures are in, and the instructor’s name.

Course search and enroll app screenshot with lectures highlighted.

In order to find additional information about the course, Ace selects DIS 303 (discussion section 303) for LEC 001, and then clicks the arrow to the left of DIS 303. The instructor’s email address is found here. He will need this for the permission-to-enroll request.

Course search and enroll app detail of course with multiple sections.

Next steps

After finding a course you would like to audit, please write down all the course information. You will need this information for the permission-to-enroll request form. Make note of:

  • Subject and number, e.g. Astron 103
  • Section number for lecture, e.g. LEC 1
  • Course name, e.g. The Evolving Universe
  • Instructor’s name and email address
  • Day and time of course

The permission-to-enroll request can be found on our website and is usually available two weeks before the start of the term.

In addition to writing down the information, if you are admitted for the term, you can save courses of interest by logging into Course Search and Enroll using your NetID and password.

Senior Guest auditors enroll the first day of the term.

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