Reasonable Accommodations – Guest Auditor/Senior Guest Auditor Students

Individuals who enroll as auditors for classes offered by UW–Madison are eligible for reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability through the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Guest auditors should apply for accommodations with the Center prior to enrollment.

All accommodations are provided in alignment with the passive learning parameters of audit status for those classes in which instructor permission to audit is granted. Guest auditors and Senior Guest auditors with disabilities follow the same enrollment procedures and timelines as all other auditor students. Guest auditors are expected to adhere to the stated course standard for attendance in lectures. Guest auditors do not attend discussion sections unless they are instructed to do so by the faculty member.

Accommodations that require a human resource (including but not limited to sign language interpretation, real-time captioning, and note-taking) are provided subject to the availability of a qualified provider. Coordination and production of media captioning, document conversion, or any other accommodation that is not readily available at the start of class will begin once enrollment in the class is confirmed. Delays may occur with accommodations that are time intensive to produce, or scarce with regard to availability of the provider.