eText opt out

In spring, 2018 UW-Madison began piloting the use of eTexts for some courses. If you enroll in a course using an eText you will be automatically billed for the eText (this is true even for Guest auditors). If you do not wish to access the eText you must opt out.

Which courses are using eTexts?
Visit to view a list of courses currently using eTexts.

How do I opt out?
You must first officially enroll in the class. Then complete the Google form found in a link for the corresponding term found near the bottom of UW-Madison eText Pilot – Opt-out Considerations and Guidelines. Please note, you must be logged in with your Google account to access the forms. If you need assistance switching between accounts in Google, see  UW-Madison G Suite – Switching Between UW-Madison and Personal Google Accounts.

Note: In order to submit the the Google form you must check all 4 of the boxes shown in this sample section of the form:

etext opt out google form


What happens if I don’t opt out?
You will be charged the eText fee which will be indicated in your MyUW Student center tuition account.

Do I have to opt out each semester I enroll?

Yes. You will need to use the electronic opt-out form each semester you enroll in a eText course.

Why is UW-Madison piloting the use of eTexts?
With the goal of reducing textbook costs for all students, UW-Madison is piloting electronic ‘eTexts’ in some classes.

How much do eTexts typically cost?
$20-80 per course. This cost is now automatically billed to all students (including auditors) tuition accounts when they enroll in courses using eTexts.