Senior Guest Auditor Enrollment Instructions

1. Request & receive permission to enroll: Prior to enrolling, you must request permission to enroll in your desired course(s). Once permission is granted, you will receive an email to your email address with the approved course information, including the Class Number you need for enrollment. See our webpage for more information:

Below is an example of the approved course email text including the Class Number needed for enrollment:

email text screenshot

2. Go to the enrollment portal: Go to
3. Log in: Log in to MyUW using your NetID and Password.

    • If you have not yet activated your NetID, click ‘Activate your NetID’
    • If you are having trouble logging in, click ‘Contact the Help Desk’

screenshot of netid login

4. Select term: Select your desired term.

course search and enroll screenshot

5. Add by class number: Click the ‘Add by Class Number’ link.   

search for courses screenshot

6. Enter a class number: A pop-up box will appear. Enter the Class Number indicated in your Auditor Course Permission email. Click ‘Check credits’ and then click ‘Add to cart’.

    • If you were approved for multiple courses, add courses one at a time by class number.
    • Note, if you added a class to your cart before permission was granted remove the class from your cart at this time to avoid any errors. Then “Add by Class Number.” To empty cart: click on cart, select class you wish to remove then click “Remove.”

enter class number screen shot

7. Go to your cart: Click on the ‘My Courses’ tab and click on ‘Cart’.

course search and enroll with cart screenshot

8. Enroll: Click the checkbox next to each of your desired courses and click ‘Enroll’.

enroll from cart screenshot

9. Verify: A pop-up box will appear. Verify your selections and click ‘Enroll’.

verify enrollment screenshot

10. View your enrollment: Click on ‘Enrolled’ to view your successfully enrolled classes. Congratulations! You are now enrolled.

My courses screenshot

11. View courses in Canvas: Go to to view your course(s) and materials. They will be posted in Canvas within 2-4 hours of your enrollment.

Downloadable and printable PDF of these instructions: Senior Guest How to Enroll with Course Number