University of Wisconsin–Madison

Financing Your Education

We know that the cost of tuition is an important factor in your decision to return to school. There are resources available to help you determine how to finance your education. It will take time and effort, but we recommend you invest the time to explore all the options.

Can Special students receive financial aid?

Because University Special students are nondegree seeking, generally speaking they are not eligible for financial aid. Our visiting and prerequisite students are the exceptions to this standard.

  • Visiting Special Students

    If you are admitted as a visiting undergraduate student, you may be able to obtain financial aid through your home institution to cover your expenses while you are at UW-Madison. Check with your home institution’s financial aid office to explore this possibility as there will need to be a consortium agreement between your school and UW-Madison.

  • Prerequisite Special Students

    Students who are taking courses that are designated prerequisites for admission into a graduate or professional program may be eligible to receive aid for a single 12 month period.

    If you feel you meet the above criteria, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid (608-262-3060; to discuss your situation and to obtain the necessary forms.

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