Get Focused

Career development model get focused section

Once you know yourself and have explored your options, use the information you have gathered to reflect on your decision-making process, set goals, and plan for action.

Focus your plan

Decision making

The idea of making a career change can be scary. What if I make the “wrong” choice? Well here is the good news, there are likely several good choices you can make. There is no way to know, with 100% certainty, if a career you choose will be a good fit but that’s why taking the time to explore your options is so important. Did you skip that step? If so, go back and review Explore options.

Use the information you learned exploring options to help you make a decision. This worksheet can help with this process:

Decision Making Obstacle Worksheet

Goal setting

“It is always a good idea to have a game plan in life, but make sure you write it in pencil and have an eraser ready.” -High School student

Goals keep us moving forward in life.Whether your goal is cleaning the bathroom or taking the first step to make a career change, you will have more luck meeting your goals if you use SMART goals.

SMART goal worksheet

Action planning

Most of us think we need to have a firm career decision before we take action but the opposite is true. It is in taking action that we further refine our career plans.

  • Action is the enemy of fear
  • Act on your curiosity
  • Act even if unsure of outcome
  • Don’t get stuck searching for perfect action

Action Plan Worksheet

What’s next?

Once you have focused your plan it’s time to Take Action.