Job Search


UW-Madison Writing Center Academic and job search writing needs.

Resumes and Cover Letters General rules and tips on writing resumes and cover letters including the different formats.


Badger Bridge connects alumni to each other and students to foster “real time” networking opportunities. Badgers can reach out to learn about industry trends, gain helpful advice, or serve as professional experts in their fields.

Networking is a critical tool for your job search.

Informational Interviewing Learn what an informational interview is, how to ask for one, and what questions you should ask.


Illegal Interview Questions Questions employers should not be asking you in an interview.

Questions to Ask in a Job Interview Be ready with questions to ask in your interviews.

Negotiating offers/salary

How to negotiate job offers It’s exciting to get a job offer but negotiating for what you want can be nerve wracking.

Career fairs

Tips to get the most from career fairs Learn how to make the most out of your time at career fairs. And yes, you should attend them!