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Does it pay for alumni and Capstone students to use Handshake?

YES! Employers in Handshake are looking for all types of candidates, not only recent college grads. So join today!

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  1. Read the Student Terms of Use.
  2. Visit https://wisc.joinhandshake.com.
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Tips for a great profile

  1. Currently your profile includes your name, GPA, major, and dates of attendance (and graduation date for alumni). Add your work experience, skills, courses, and additional information to ensure employers understand your background. Use your resume to populate the fields on Handshake, to save time. Review all entries before approving them for your Handshake profile.
  2. Upload documents that highlight your skills. These can be reports, presentations, or writing samples from a class or from your work. You can also post links to any projects (publications, photos, presentations, websites, etc.) that have a URL.  Think of your profile as a portfolio demonstrating your qualifications.
  3. Consider adding a professional photo to your profile.
  4. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to develop one).
  5. Build in time to your schedule to review and make changes to your profile. The end of each semester is a good time to make updates.
  6. Use the progress bar to monitor how complete your profile is.
  7. Make your profile public so employers can find you!

Capstone certficate information for employers

UW-Madison offers several Capstone certificate programs in a variety of fields. To learn more about the specific programs visit our Professional degrees and certificates website.

What is a Capstone certificate?
Capstone certificates are a focused collection of courses in a given discipline or set of related disciplines. Capstone certificate programs do not lead to the conferral of a degree but are recorded as a completed certificate on the student’s UW-Madison transcript.

Who completes a Capstone certificate?
Capstone certificates offer innovative programs that serve the educational needs of specialized groups of nontraditional students and working professionals. Students in Capstone programs:

  • have completed a minimum of a baccalaureate degree; some certificates require a master’s or other advanced degree
  • seek capstones to enhance prior training
  • are often professionals returning to school for specialized education and skill building

What are the benefits of hiring a Capstone certificate holder?

  • World-class faculty teach our UW-Madison Capstone certificate program courses.
  • Capstone certificate holders typically have professional work experience in addition to bachelor’s and in some cases master’s or professional degrees.
  • Individuals who decide to complete a Capstone certificate are lifelong learners who want to be on the cutting edge of developments in their fields.

Information about recruiting Capstone certificate students